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Finding the right product for your business is no easy decision these days. The design of the vehicles varies, productivity is an important factor, and safety is becoming a more and more significant issue at locations where goods are loaded and unloaded. Regardless of whether it is a loading ramp, door seal, scissor-type elevator, loading platform, fender buffers or a range of safety products. We help you ensure that you and your employees get the maximum benefit from your loading station.


Looking for a reliable door that operates trouble-free in all conditions? A door that has been proven in the field and is manufactured precisely to match your requirements and delivered on schedule. Then you have found the right place. We would be pleased to advise you and work out together the perfect solution, taking into consideration safety, quality, dimensional accuracy and appearance.


In additional to maintenance (hydraulics system, periodic hose replacement, greasing of moving parts), the structure and bridge plates need to be cared for at least once a year - ideally after the winter period - by cleaning with a high-pressure stream cleaner. Salt residues from winter gritting must be removed from the bridge plates and drain gutters, because otherwise a "time bomb" will be left to tick away inside the load bearing structure.

This kind of work can only be carried out of the garage is completely cleared out, of course, so that no parked cars become dirty. If required, the corrosion protection also needs to be repaired or replaced.

To replace individual bridge plates, nearly all the bridge plates need to be unbolted. The bolts are normally so corroded that they cannot be used again, even if they can be undone at all. Professionals use bolt/nut splitters. The amount of work required is enormous and due to ongoing corrosion will need to be repeated on the remaining plates within a few years. Due to the long-term cost savings, we recommend replacing all parking areas with salt-water-proof aluminium profiles. Around 1/4 of the old bridge plates could have been used again. However, from a cost efficiency point of view, this makes no sense over the long term.

For the moment, it is sufficient to replace individual bridge plates. In the medium to long term it is not cost effective due to the time required and the destruction of the bolts.


Our main focus is on special solutions in the loading technology sector. Another of our areas of specialisation is in the fabrication of various door and gate solutions, such as driveway entrance gates. We also make stairways and railings for private house owners. We work according to EN 1090 guidelines.

  • All made-to-measure solutions and welded constructions are available in stainless steel, aluminium or construction steel.

Together with you, we will discuss the requirements of the system to be deployed and then have it made in our own workshop by our master craftsman and his trained personnel. In order to ensure high quality standards, we make use of our employees' skill, knowledge and experience every day, and also install our products on site. Our priority is to machine steel perfectly, placing the highest value on quality, which is ensured by continuous quality checks.

Here you will find a selection of projects we have implemented.


Loading systems by Weglehner feature first class quality and high durability. You can well imagine that with investment goods it is not always the supposedly cheaper purchase price that is the most cost-effective solution. In fact, it is the total costs over the lifetime of the product that really matter. Weglehner loading systems are of a quality that ensures minimum downtime - and if something should ever go wrong - we offer fast, first class field service.


Starting with optimum collision protection, through truck interlock systems to door seals, we always focus on the health and safety of people first.  Just think about the positive effect a proper door seal can have on the health of your employees and the costs of running of your business by avoiding draughts and reducing the risk of sick leave. There are also so many things that can go wrong if the truck is not properly interlocked with the ramp during loading.


The energy issue is also something that is often underestimated. Many of our customers are not operating just one loading ramp alone. Imagine how much energy and resources can be wasted over time with 60 loading ramps if they happen to be power guzzlers? They could be poorly insulated and badly sealed, for example. For our environment the best is just good enough. That is why our products are the most modern and energy saving solutions currently available. To minimise impact on the environment, and your wallet!

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