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In additional to maintenance (hydraulics system, periodic hose replacement, greasing of moving parts), the structure and bridge plates need to be cared for at least once a year - ideally after the winter period - by cleaning with a high-pressure stream cleaner. Salt residues from winter gritting must be removed from the bridge plates and drain gutters, because otherwise a "time bomb" will be left to tick away inside the load bearing structure.

This kind of work can only be carried out of the garage is completely cleared out, of course, so that no parked cars become dirty. If required, the corrosion protection also needs to be repaired or replaced.

To replace individual bridge plates, nearly all the bridge plates need to be unbolted. The bolts are normally so corroded that they cannot be used again, even if they can be undone at all. Professionals use bolt/nut splitters. The amount of work required is enormous and due to ongoing corrosion will need to be repeated on the remaining plates within a few years. Due to the long-term cost savings, we recommend replacing all parking areas with salt-water-proof aluminium profiles. Around 1/4 of the old bridge plates could have been used again. However, from a cost efficiency point of view, this makes no sense over the long term.

For the moment, it is sufficient to replace individual bridge plates. In the medium to long term it is not cost effective due to the time required and the destruction of the bolts.

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